How do you Pack for that?

This is the next question I get after ‘where will you go’ is ‘how do you pack for that’?  And I have to admit, this one probably keeps me awake at night more than the ‘where will you go’ question. Why? As long as we are going to safe areas, the where can’t really go wrong. It’s going to be great. Now, me, without my favorite clothes, well, that could ruin everything!!

So, I have been thinking about it, and getting some crazy advice from all over the place. Wear Wool! Wear Cotton! NO Cotton! SILK!

So, today, yes 4 months in advance, I spent some time figuring out what I’m going to pack. It nets out like this:

For Europe: pretty close to my east coast clothes – jeans, pants, skirt, T’s and Tanks. Scarves. and 2 jackets. It will be very hot in some areas, so I’ll probably add a couple dresses to this group (but then what about comfortable SHOES?) UGG

Not included here are socks, underwear, workout clothes, lounging clothes , and pajamas.

For Iceland: Adding to the Europe list, will be long underwear, my fleece snowboard ‘first layer’ and some kind of top layer like my ski jacket. These, and probably some other stuff, will be shipped home after the Europe portion is done, because I figure:

The rest: Well, SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America and even the US will all be hot, more tropical, summer weather when we hit them, and I’m not planning as much ‘city’ time as I am in Europe. SO mostly tropical/jungle and beach wear.

THEN if we do Alaska at the end of the trip, well, I guess I will have that stuff I shipped home (from Europe) sent to me? or buy stuff.

2 pairs jeans (dark/light, skinny/boot)
black skinny jeans
light grey cammo capris (air dry-able)
black skirt
3-6 white T shirts and tank tops (I like white)
black sweater
black and white check long sleeve button down
black tank top (maybe 2 – one fitted, one flowy)
white dressy 3/4 sleeve top
Blue ‘t’ shirt
brown/taupe T shirt
black T shirt
White ‘cami’ lace top
denim jacket
multi-colored sweater/jacket
Scarves (3), great for making the same clothes look different, and also multi-purpose as they double as coverups, head-coverings (think Doha, Qatar), towels (in a pinch) and beach blankets!
2 black belts
Jewelry is TBD

hiking boots (expect to wear these the most, as we’ll be doing SO much walking)
workout sneakers
High-top vans
Berk sandals
wedge sandals
maybe add some cheap flip-flops for after europe.

After Europe:
Add some summer dresses (in fast dry, swimsuit material I think)
white ‘fishing’ shirt, for getting out of the sun and covering up.
additional non-cotton capri’s (tan?)
couple of non-cotton tank tops
(advice from REI traveller, make sure you have at least 2 full ‘air dry’ outfits, as you may not have a dryer).